Ship Modifications and Upgrades

The campaign includes a number of additional restrictions on upgrades. With the exception of Elite Pilot Talents, all upgrades must be purchased with Fleet Points and tracked within a player’s Squadron. If a ship is destroyed, so are all of its upgrades. The term “ordnance” refers to expendable upgrades like torpedoes, missiles and bombs. The term “equipment” refers to modification, system, droid, turret and cannon upgrades.

Elite Pilot Talent Upgrades
Pilots with an Elite Pilot Talent upgrade slot may be given any legal EPT upgrade card when they are assigned to a Squad. The cost of these upgrades must be included in the squad point total as normal, but unlike other upgrades, EPTs are not required to be purchased with Fleet Points or included in a Squadron. It makes sense to have a store of Proton Torpedoes, a stockpile of Push the Limit not so much.

Time Intensive Upgrades
Modifications, systems and illicit upgrades are considered time intensive and upgrading a ship with one requires it to sit idle for one campaign turn while techs install the hardware. This may be done concurrently with repairs. These upgrades may later be removed by sitting idle for another turn. Ships may be purchased with these upgrades installed, as long as both the ship and any modifications/systems/illicits are purchased at the same time. These upgrades are only destroyed if the ship carrying them is destroyed (i.e. “Hot Shot” Blasters or Stealth Devices on hit ships are repaired/replaced after the battle).

Non-Time Intensive Upgrades
Ships that can carry cannons, turrets, torpedoes, missiles, bombs, astromechs and salvaged astromechs are considered to have specialized hardpoints/launchers/sockets for that purpose which allow techs to quickly mount or load hardware of that type. Equipping and unequipping these upgrades do not require a ship to sit idle for a campaign turn.

Ordnance Upgrades
When a torpedo, missile or bomb is expended in battle, it is deleted from a player’s Squadron. This also applies to any secondary weapons lost to a Munitions Failure critical hit.

To prevent ordnance upgrades from being prohibitively expensive (because they are disposable), they are not purchased individually. Every time a player pays the full Fleet Point cost of a torpedo, missile or bomb, they receive three of them. However, players must still account for the full squad point cost of each such upgrade when building squads.

Title Upgrades
Titles must be assigned to an eligible ship (or pilot) in the player’s Squadron at time of purchase. Unique titles may only be present once within the campaign. Titles are permanently attached and cannot be removed. If a ship (or pilot) with a title is destroyed (or killed), so is the title. Destroyed unique titles may be repurchased.

Crew Upgrades
Equipping and unequipping crew do not require a ship to sit idle for a turn. Unique crew members may only be present once within the campaign and cannot be repurchased if killed (except droids). Crew members get their own ejection rolls when their ship is destroyed and may be taken POW.

Players whose Squadron includes unique characters that appear on multiple types of upgrade cards may use any of those character’s available upgrades at will (but not simultaneously). For example, a player who purchased the R2-D2 crew card could use the R2-D2 droid card in one of his squads. When a player has multiple options to purchase such a character, they must buy the most expensive version.

If a character has both pilot and upgrade cards, then a player may only use the upgrade card if the pilot is part of his Squadron

Pilots that have a Crew card as their pilot ability may be used as a regular Crew upgrade on another ship. When used this way, their squad point cost is the same as a regular Crew upgrade. Droids, crew and pilots used as crew do not earn XP.

Imperial players may use the Rebel Captive crew card if and only if their faction currently holds at least one Rebel POW of pilot skill 4 or higher. When using Rebel Captive, the highest pilot skill POW the Imperial faction currently holds is considered on board. The Rebel Captive card does not have to be purchased ahead of time with Fleet Points, though you must account for its squad point cost as normal. More than one Rebel Captive may be used in a turn (even by the same player), as long as the Empire holds at least one eligible POW for each use. This upgrade still counts as unique for squad building, so it cannot appear more than once in an individual squad.

Chewbacca is not lost when his crew card ability is used. Similarly, Moff Jerjerrod and other crew he discards for his effect are not lost. These people are being diverted from their regular tasks to go fix things, not jumping in front of laser blasts.

Unique Upgrades
Unless otherwise specified, unique upgrades can only be present once within the campaign. Regardless, all unique upgrades follow normal rules for squad building, unless the campaign rules explicitly say otherwise. For convenience, a short list of unique upgrades follows
• Experimental Interface: Each player may have one copy of this upgrade in his Squadron.
• Titles: May only be present once within the campaign.
• EPTs: May only be present once within a squad. Unique EPTs used as pilot ability do not count as unique.
• Crew: May only be present once within the campaign.
• Rebel Captive: See Crew Upgrades section.
• Pilots: May only be present once within the campaign.
• Astromechs: May only be present once within the campaign.

Droid Characters
Any character that is a droid (R2-D2, C-3P0, “Leebo”, etc.) is assumed to have a backup and may repurchased if they are “killed,” regardless of their card type. Droid pilots do not gain XP from a battle in which they were “killed.”

Upgrade Campaign Errata
Some cards require alteration to work (better or at all) within the campaign rules. These cards are detailed here.

Chardaan Refit (Title)
A-wing Only.
Your upgrade bar loses the [missile] upgrade icon. This card has a squad point cost of -2.
Fleet Point Cost: 0

A-wing Test Pilot (Pilot Title)
Original A-wing Pilots Only.
Your upgrade bar gains 1 EPT upgrade icon. You cannot equip 2 of the same EPT upgrade cards. You cannot equip this card if your pilot skill is “2” or lower. This card has a squad point cost of 0.
Fleet Point Cost: 1

IG-2000 (Title)
Aggressor Only.
You have the pilot ability of each other friendly ship with the IG-2000 Upgrade card (in addition to your own pilot ability).
Fleet Point Cost: 1

TIE/x1 (Title)
TIE Advanced Only.
Your upgrade bar gains the [system] upgrade icon. If you equip a [system] upgrade, its squad point cost is reduced by 4 (to a minimum of zero).
Fleet Point Cost: 1

Chardaan Refit was changed to close a loop hole (“buying” them to get extra Fleet Points). A-wing Test Pilot was changed because these campaign rules separate pilots and ships. A cost of 1 Fleet Point was added to A-wing Test Pilot, IG-2000 and TIE/x1 to prevent them from being free auto-includes.

Ship Modifications and Upgrades

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