Scum and Villainy

These campaign rules were not originally designed to handle three simultaneous factions, so Scum and Villainy can be used in one of two ways. The first and simplest way is to pick two factions and run a normal campaign (Rebel vs. Empire, Rebel vs. Scum or Empire vs. Scum) with Scum handled identically to the other faction per above rules. The other is to use the additions below to treat Scum as an independent third faction operating on the fringes as the Empire and Rebellion conduct the main conflict. When using these rules, it is recommended that the Scum and Villainy faction have roughly half as many players as any of the other factions. Additionally, the Scum faction cannot “win” the campaign; they get their jollies by messing with the other two factions. Thematically, their opportunity to profit from the conflict ends when one side wins, at which point it is a good time to leave before the victor recovers enough to start thinking about law enforcement.

Base of Operations
Before the first campaign turn, each Scum player may choose one strategic target to start the game under Scum control. It is advisable not to choose high priority strategic targets, as the Rebel and Imperial players will likely go after them first. If an unexplored world is chosen, roll on the table as normal.

Strategic Targets
If the Empire or the Rebellion attacks a Scum strategic target, it generates a normal battle with the Scum as defender. If the Empire and the Rebellion both attack the same Scum target, a Rebel vs. Imperial battle is generated, and Scum control is automatically ceded to the victor. Scum forces cannot stand between two major powers simultaneously, so they withdraw and only maintain control if the Rebel/Imperial battle is a draw.

During the Purchase Reinforcements phase, Scum players only collect Fleet Points from the value of the strategic targets they control. Scum do not care about won or lost battles and do not get an automatic 20 Fleet Points per turn.

On their own, Scum players can only attack uncontrolled strategic targets. If a Rebel or Imperial player attacks the same uncontrolled target that turn, a battle is fought as normal. If both a Rebel and Imperial player attack the same uncontrolled target that turn, the Scum attack is cancelled, and they slink back to the shadows.

Scum players may only attack Rebel or Imperial strategic targets if one of the other factions hires them as mercenaries. During the Purchase Reinforcements phase, Rebel and Imperial players, acting individually or as a faction, may place a “contract” on an enemy strategic target by offering any combination of Fleet Points, ships, POWs, upgrades, etc. Haggling is allowed and encouraged. A faction cannot attack a target on which they have placed a contract. Contracts last one turn.

Scum may “accept” a contract as one of their attacks that turn. If they do, they the offered incentive is added to the accepting player’s Squadron and deducted from the “employer.” Multiple contracts may be accepted per turn, provided the Scum faction has enough attacks to do so.

Trade Route and Smuggling
Since the Trade Route reverts to uncontrolled every turn, it is always a legal Scum target. If Scum attacks the Trade Route and is unopposed, smuggling operations earn each Scum Player 30 Fleet.

If Scum and one other faction both attack the trade route, generate a Supply Raid mission with the Scum player as defender to represent an interdicted smuggling operation. Regardless of the mission result, each Scum player earns 10 Fleet Points for each container that flees.

If the Scum faction gains control of the Trade Route, the income of both other factions is reduced by 4.

Scum players may spend one or more of their attacks to attack Rebel or Imperial shipping. For each attack, generate a Supply Raid mission with the Scum player as the attacker. If the Rebel or Imperial player chooses not to defend the mission, they must still fill the mission containers, and the Scum player steals two of them at random.

Capturing Enemy Ships
If a Scum player kills an enemy ship with an ion weapon, it is considered an “ion kill,” removed from the play area and placed next to his ship cards. If the Scum player controls the map at the end of the battle, he captures all ships that were ion killed. Pilots and crew become POWs. The ship and its upgrades are added to the capturing player’s Squadron and may be used if legal. Ion killed ships are considered damaged. Any captured ships that are of a type present in the Scum and Villainy faction (Y-wings, Firesprays, etc.) may be added to the capturing player’s Squadron and used as normal (after repairs).

Black Market
Scum players may buy and sell ships, equipment and crew from/to Rebel and Imperial players during the Purchase Reinforcements phase. Such transactions are completed immediately and do not require a mission. This provides a way for the main factions to turn equipment they no longer need or cannot use into Fleet Points while providing income to Scum players. For example, a Scum player could sell captured TIE Fighters back to the Empire for less than it would cost the Imperial player to buy new ones.

Scum players may also ransom POWs back to their owners for Fleet Points, ships, upgrades, etc.

Better Offer
If a Scum player captures Imperial Boba Fett or Imperial Kath Scarlet, he may spend 10 Fleet Points during the Purchase Reinforcements page to “flip” the pilot and add him/her to his roster (thus gaining a additional unique pilot if he already has one). Until the Scum player does this, the Imperial player may roll for escape as normal. If Imperial Boba/Kath is flipped, he/she retains all improvements but switches to the scum version of his/her pilot ability.

Mine Now
Scum pilots may spend XP to gain qualifications for Rebel and Imperial ships that are not normally part of their faction.

Scum and Villainy

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