Fleet Building

Each player begins the campaign with 300 Fleet Points. Players may purchase one unique pilot as their initial Squadron commander, but no duplicates are allowed*. All other pilots must be generic. Players are encouraged to name their generic pilots as they will need a way to differentiate individuals once they start to earn XP and improve.
*This applies both within factions and between them (i.e. Boba Fett cannot be used by both a Scum and Villainy player and an Imperial player).

Large and small ships are considered distinct from the pilots that fly them and may be purchased separately. The following attributes are considered part of the ship and remain the same regardless of which pilot is flying.

  • Attack Value
  • Agility Value
  • Hull Value
  • Shield Value
  • Non-Elite Pilot Talent Upgrade Slots
  • Action Bar
    Pilot Costs

Ships do not fly themselves. Pilots are considered distinct from the ships they fly and may be purchased separately. Pilots may operate any individual ship, as long as they are qualified on that class. The following attributes are considered part of the pilot.

  • Pilot Skill
  • Pilot Ability
  • Elite Pilot Talent Upgrade Slot
  • Unspent XP
  • Ship Qualifications
    Ship Costs

Ship Restrictions
The use of large base ships is restricted. The total number of each type of large base ship in a faction cannot exceed the number of players in the faction. By default, this means each player may have one of each large ship type, but they are free to transfer these ships and/or buy fewer so others can buy more. For example, a faction with six players is allowed up to six Lambda-class shuttles. One player could have all six, two players could have three each, three players two each, etc. For each large ship a faction recovers via the Unexplored Worlds table, it may maintain one additional ship of that type.

This is partially a thematic restriction as the author wanted the campaign to focus on starfighter operations. However, it is also a balance issue. High health ships can more easily run from battle, which gives them and their pilots a significant attritional advantage. The author also did not want a campaign where everyone was only flying large base ships because not doing so was sub-optimal.

TIE Phantoms are restricted in the same manner as large base ships and have two additional restrictions:

  • Players cannot add a TIE Phantom pilot to their Squadron if doing so would give them more TIE Phantom pilots than TIE Phantoms.
  • Players cannot add a Shadow Squadron Pilot to their Squadron if doing so would give them more Shadow Squadron Pilots than Sigma Squadron Pilots.
    These additional restrictions are based on player feedback and intended to prevent Shadow Squadron Pilot spam that takes immediate advantage of the low-PS environment in the campaign. If you want a thematic justification, just remember that TIE Phantoms are rare, as are the personnel trained to operate them.

Fleet Building

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