Intelligence Gathering

In an attempt to locate enemy capital ships, command has ordered a patrol be sent to download information from enemy communication satellites. This is the Dark Whispers scenario from the core rulebook with some modification. The defender takes the “Rebel” role, and the attacker takes the “Imperial” role.


  1. The defender places two satellite tokens within Range 2 and two satellite tokens within Range 3 from his starting edge. All satellites must be Range 2 or farther away from the side edges and Range 2-3 from at least one other satellite.
  2. Place all terrain features. Obstacles must be beyond Range 2 from all edges, beyond Range 1 of all obstacles and beyond Range 1 from satellite tokens.
  3. The attacker deploys all of his ships within Range 1 of his starting edge.
  4. The defender places his ships within Range 1 of his starting edge.

The player with the smallest squad point total may choose whether or not to have initiative. If there is a tie, each player rolls three attack dice. The one with the most [focus] results gets to choose whether or not to have initiative.

Special Rules

  • Satellites tokens do not count as ships or obstacles.
  • Attacking ships that are overlapping a satellite token may choose to SCAN it in one of two ways. The first is by performing a SCAN action. The second is by giving up their attack during the Combat phase. To do so, the ship must be capable of making an attack, though it need not have a legal target. Attacking ships may also SCAN a token if they are touching a defending ship that is overlapping a token. Place SCANNED tokens on that ship’s card. Ships may SCAN more than one satellite. If a ship with satellite tokens is destroyed, so are the tokens.
  • During the End Phase, the defending player may call for one reinforcement for each of his ships that was destroyed that round.

Victory Conditions
The attacker wins if at least one ship with satellite tokens flees the board after all satellites have been SCANNED. The defender wins by preventing this.

Squad size is 100 points.

In a campaign setting, this mission is biased against the attacker since they need to focus on something other than dogfighting and will likely not control the board at the end. This is intentional. The intent is for a faction to gain a material advantage in the fight for strategic targets then “spend” some of their edge to locate/attack enemy huge ships.

Intelligence Gathering

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